Our Game World

A world made by writers for writers. Everything you see requires you to write words to defeat, complete, unlock and earn it! Our vibrant universe is constantly evolving with new content added every month.


Get motivated to write as you defeat hundreds of monsters with varying word counts, time limits and difficulty!
Writing monsters for all levels of writers
Different Battle Modes!
Normal Battle: Write xxx words in xxx time
Defeat monsters by writing words in a certain time
Endurance Battle: Don’t stop writing for xxx time
Word count sprints with endurance battles
Writing monsters for all levels of writers

Co-Op Battles: Write with others!

Join groups of 2-8 writers and watch the Co-Op Monsters grow in size as your team size grows.
Defeat monsters by writing words in a certain time with your team
Track your teammate’s progress & motivate each other in the live group chat.
Coop easy iconEasy
Coop mediumMedium
Coop hard iconHard
Coop extreme iconExtreme
Challenge your team by increasing the difficulty! Write more words in less time and multiply the rewards you’ll earn if victorious!
Writing monsters for coop teams

Your Heroes Journey

Level up your hero, craft and equip battle weapons, grow your inventory and gain mastery over monsters.
Grow your writing habit and watch your hero growCollect rewards, grow your inventory and equip battle items
There is a world to save and you’re the hero to save it!
Join the adventure

Our World

A Valley corrupted by a poisonous Dust and a small resistance force fighting to save it. Explore over 25 unique areas, each filled with unique monsters, characters, items and quests!
Expedition areas miniature
A second world for writers is coming soon
In late 2022 we discovered that our Valley was one of many floating Islands. We now prepare to fly into the unknown and discover what monsters, friends and adventures are waiting for us!
Game characters who will push you to write more words

Discover our story while you write yours

Game missions to motivate you
Meet new friends, gain traveling companions & earn their trust to unlock missions!
Game characters who will push you to write more words
Over 1,000 Quests in our universe will help take your writing to new heights!
Pick your Dust Warrior name & take the first step in taking your writing to the next level!

Unleash your imagination

Earn your own plot of land!
Collect loot from monsters and craft items into larger house pieces.
Build your world, leave your mark!
Unlock new areas and build your own writing world
Join real time online special events for writers

Be a part of live special events

Join real time online special events for writers
Join the community for realtime events that have consequences in our world!
Contribute your words to global million-word monsters, vote on paths to take and feel the thrill of fighting against other teams!
Calendar 2023
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Take your writing to the next level!

Your story is waiting for you to write it. Join the writing adventure today and write more than ever before!
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