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Are my words mine?
Always, and all of them. We take no ownership of a single word you write on our site. You can read more on our Privacy Policy.
What is 4thewords?
Simply put: an online writing game. Use your words to defeat monsters: The monsters drop rewards. Some of them are items you can equip to make your hero stronger. Visit markets, craft recipes, complete quests, advance from one area to another, defeat bosses, save a world infected by a mysterious purple dust.

The game side is just one part of it. You can also write and organize your files into projects And publish these projects so that the community and friends from around the world can read and comment on what you wrote.
Do I have to write about the prompts you give me? Is this some sort of typing speed game?
No. You can write about anything: your new novel, next blog post, homework assignment, a particularly long email - your word count is what matters in battle. The goal is that your daily word count stays healthy and that your writing goals are met.
Do I need to provide credit card information for the 30-day Free Trial?
You don’t need a credit card, or any payment information, to sign up for a free trial. All you need is a valid email address - because your words are sacred we make sure to confirm your email before setting up your account.

No payment information will be entered until after your free trial is over, and only if you wish to continue.
How does the free trial work, are there any limitations?
The free trial was made specifically so that you can test out the complete experience before committing, so there are no limitations. After signing-up you’ll have access to all the features and usability you would with a paying account. You have 30 days to use the complete site, if you chose not to continue you can simply leave the account, without having to cancel anything.
Why $4 a month?
It is less than a Starbucks coffee, but enough so that you feel invested (how often do you read those ebooks you got for free). We are also a business that needs to make money so that we can eat, sleep and eventually buy our own cup of coffee. If you feel that you can’t afford $4 a month, but are still dying to use the site, Contact us and we’ll talk it out.
What are the hidden fees?
$4 a month, period, no other fees.
In fact, with bulk discounts and finding crystals in game, it can be less than $3/month.
Do I need to be in the USA or write in English to use this site?
Not at all. This was actually made and is housed in Costa Rica, we know we should be petting sloths, but oh well, stupid writing got in the way. You can use this from anywhere in the world and write in whatever language you desire. El que quiera, enserio.
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